Luke Hopkins

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who is bfg?

bfg (big friendly giant) is the designer alter-ego of Luke Hopkins.

Luke has 15 years experience in marketing, branding, and creating consumer experiences which drive action.

Luke’s career began with Sydney-based Advertising Group, Xavier Nelson working on accounts such as Novartis, Peugeot and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Demand for his exceptional work saw Luke found his own agency, attracting clients such as Equinix, VMware, UniLock, Brewcraft, and to be commissioned via Liquid Communications for the rollout of LJHooker’s 2014 comprehensive rebrand.

He successfully ran his previous agency, Photon Creative for 8 years before co-founding the successful health food manufacturing and retail brand, PBCo in 2012 where he headed up marketing and growth.

Stepping out from the day-to-day involvement in PBCo in 2019, Luke now rekindles his love for his craft and brings a wealth of marketing knowledge, design efficiency, and an understanding of consumer behaviour to every project he engages with.